About Us

The WEST DESERT HUNTERS are a DIY public land and western style hunting group. We live for the backcountry archery and long-range rifle hunting experience. Follow us on our DIY hunting adventures and probably learn how to not get it done.

We are the Average and we are damn Savage!

Travis W.

I have been career military for the past 20 years. I enlisted immediately after 9/11/01 as a young college kid and avid outdoorsman in the making. After the attack on our country I was called to hunt the enemy and hunt the enemy I did. After the invasion and multiple deployments to Iraq as a Combat Engineer I decided to apply for the Army’s flight program and was accepted in 2008. After completing Flight School I chose the Badass AH-64 Apache “Gun” and served multiple deployments to Afghanistan and abroad. Now that my tour of duty has come to an end, I crave the outdoors and freedoms I fought for!

Shawn W.

Born and raised in Safford Arizona, where I learned at a very young age about hunting and the great outdoors. Hunting and fishing not only became a passion, but a way of life. I owe a great deal of my knowledge from my father and two older brothers who are also very passionate about the outdoors. I have beautiful daughters and an amazing wife who thankfully supports my hunting habits! Follow along as we hope to portray our love of hunting and the outdoors to you as we see it through our eyes!

I’m Dallas Thatcher, I was born and raised in Safford, AZ and have been hunting/fishing since I was 9 years old. My Grandpa was the first to start me off and I owe a lot of my experiences to him.

I also credit a great deal of my experiences and lessons to my Dad and Cousin Joe. I have come a long way from hunting/fishing with these talented hunters. I have spent my adult life striving to get better every time I get out into the wild.

In my 30 years of life, I have gained so much experience and knowledge, learning from so many other hunters and fisherman. I not only love to hunt, but I enjoy filming the experiences for others to enjoy and learn from.

I’ve been married to my beautiful wife for 7 years now. She also loves spending time in the outdoors with me. She understands the time and financial toll taken to live this life and she supports me whole heartedly.

I hope you’ll enjoy following our journeys and experiences.